What is done in Conventional/Traditional Surgery or Open method?

In Open method (Milligan-Morgan Technique), the bunch of dilated veins (piles) in the lower part of anal canal are dissected and then tied off. In order to avoid stenosis, three pear-shaped incisions are left open, separated by bridges of skin and mucosa. The dissection results in to a wound in the lower anal canal, which takes time to heal. Since the lower part of anal canal is highly sensitive to pain, the patient experiences agonizing pain for 4-5 post operative days. Therefore the patient is kept admitted in the hospital for 3-5 days. Normally the patient resumes work after 2-3 weeks when the wound is at least partially healed. The patient also needs to do hot water baths( Sitz bath) 2-4 times a day till the wound heals completely which usually takes 4-6 weeks.