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Anal Fistula, Piles and Fissure are together known as Benign ano-rectal conditions. These conditions are not fatal but they are extremely agonizing..

What further increases the anxiety is the fact that their conventional treatment is even more traumatic and painful resulting in large wounds.

But now procedures are available which have made the treatment of these disorders virtually cut less, woundless and painless.




Single Hole Surgery - Scarless Surgery

You thought that a Surgery, even keyhole, always produces a scar. Not any more!

Gall Bladder                                                                Appendix / Uterus / Hernia, click here

 Gall Stones developing in the Gall Bladder is quite common. During the last decade, Laparoscopic Removal of Gall Bladder has become gold standard for treating Gall stones. But now, its about to change with Single Hole Laparoscopic Surgery on the horizon. This scarless surgery is a major advancement. To know everything about Gall stone disease and its treatment, Click here....


Inflammation of Appendix known as Appendicitis occurs commonly in young adults. Now its possible to remove the offending Appendix with excellent cosmetic results (no visible scar) and remarkably early recovery by Single Hole Keyhole Surgery. Know more…


Uterus & Ovary

Uterus removal, also known as Hysterectomy, is one of the commonest operations done in females. Now, its possible to remove Uterus or Ovarian Cyst or to do Tubectomy (Sterlization) operation without any visible scar on the tummy. Know more…




Inguinal hernia in males is the most common surgery done all over the world. Now it can be done without any visible scar. Know more…









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