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Common Myths about Piles

MYTH 1:- Cure of piles not possible: The high recurrence rates of the conventional modes of treatment led to this belief. This is not true today. The newer method(Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy) has decreased the recurrence rates to the lowest levels.

MYTH 2:- Surgery of Piles is painful and prolonged: This was true with conventional surgery but with Stapler surgery, the treatment is virtually painless and can be done on day care basis(i.e the patient goes home the same day)

MYTH 3:- Piles always bleed: This is not true. A significant percentage of piles patients hardly bleed. They just feel the small masses(piles) in their anal area after motions. These masses gradually increase in size over years and may lead to complications of piles.

MYTH 4:- Piles can lead to cancer: Piles does not increase the risk of cancer but what is important to understand is that symptoms of piles and rectal cancer are same i.e bleeding off and on. So symptoms of piles can mask the presence of underlying rectal cancer. Therefore piles should always be treated even it is causing no symptoms other than occasional bleeding.

Myth 5 :- Piles is a taboo:- Many people including the educated ones consider piles to be a taboo and do not come out openly/ discuss their problem. This can be dangerous. Piles is a simple disease like any other disease and a consultation should be sought with a good surgeon.

Myth 6:- Piles treatment is a domain of quacks: As earlier mentioned, because of lack of satisfactory treatment with medical sciences, the treatment of piles was taken over by quacks especially in India. But now this tendency should be curbed as medical science offer very good treatment options or piles.





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