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Dr Pankaj Garg...

What newspapers say about Dr Pankaj?

60. Haryana Yuva Vigyan Ratan Award                                         22 May 2015

Recognizing the contributions of Dr Pankaj Garg in the field of Science & Technology, today he has been bestowed with the prestigious HARYANA VIGYAN RATAN AWARD by Chief Minister of Haryana.

This award is the highest award given in the state in the field of science and technology. Also known as Noble prize of Haryana, this award is given to the top researcher in the state in all the fields of science including engineering,  agriculture, architecture, medical sciences etc.

The award consists of Rs One lakh cash, a citation and a  golden plaque.












59. A  leading healthcare magazine of India, Doc N Doc (www.docndoc.com) selected best doctors across the nation for "Doc N Doc Gammex Saviour Award".  Dr Garg was selected in "Excellence in Surgery" category. A patient from Mauritius suffering from a complex fistula-in-ano (supralevator) and operated 3 times in Mauritius by American doctors, came to Garg Clinics for operation. She underwent Perfact operation.



58. Dr Pankaj Garg gave lecture at annual conference of  AMERICAN Society of Colon Rectum Surgeons (ASCRS)  on "PERFACT Procedure to treat Anal Fistula" on May 21, 2014



57. Dr Pankaj Garg Invited by AMERICAN Society of Colon Rectum Surgeons (ASCRS) to give a lecture on "PERFACT Procedure to treat Anal Fistula"







56. Dr Garg being awarded National Award- BETADINE SURGEON'S AWARD  and he gave a Video Presentation of his new procedure to treat Anal Fistula- GARG PERFACT procedure at the National Conference, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Dec 27-29 2013



55. Media Coverage- Dr Garg presented a new procedure- GARG PERFACT procedure at the National Conference, at Khajurao (MP), Sept 20-22, 2013


54. Aaj Samaj- 13 April, 2013- Anal Fistula treated by VAAFT (Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment) Technique

53. Amar Ujala-12 April, 2013- Dr Garg to be honoured in America

Dainik Jagra- 12 April, 2013- Dr Garg from Fortis invited to America

52. Hindustan Times- 29 April, 2013. Fortis Doc invited to present research work in US

51. Daily Post- 28 October, 2012- Garg nominated to Medical body.

50. Hindustan Times - 20 October, 2012- City Doctor nominated NAMS Member

     Aaj Samaj- 20 October, 2012- Dr Garg selected as National Academy of Medical Sciences member

     Dainik Jagran - 20 October, 2012- Dr Garg made member of National Academy of Medical Sciences

     Amar Ujala - 20 October, 2012- Dr Garg made NAMS member



49. The Tribune (National Edition)- 5 March, 2012- Dr Garg to present two papers in US


48. Hindustan Times - 7 March, 2011- City Doc in International Journal's Editorial team

47. Aaj Samaj- 5 March, 2011- Dr Garg appointed Associate Editor of International Journal


46. Amar Ujala- 1 July, 2010-'Thread of life' in the hands of Youth (on Doctor's Day)

45. Hindustan Times- 17 Jan, 2010-Gall Bladder removed through a single incision for the First time in North Region

44. Aaj Samaj- 21 April, 2010-Marvel done by doing laparoscopic surgery through one hole

43. The Tribune (National Edition)- 18 Jan, 2010- NO PAIN, ALL GAIN


42. Amar Ujala- 17 Jan, 2010-Big Gall Bladder out through a 1 cm cut

41. The Tribune- 18 Jan, 2010- First Single Incision Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Surgery done


40. Dainik Jagran- 17 Jan, 2010-First Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery in the Northern Region

39 Amar Ujala-July 2, 2009(Doctors day)- Doctors who did city proud by social work


38. Sector News- March 1,2010- First Single Incision Laparoscopic Uterus Removal Conducted at Fortis

37. The Times of India- Jan 17, 2010- SILS to revolutionize gall bladder surgery

36. The Tribune- Feb 9, 2010- First Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery performed in Haryana


35. Hindustan Times- May 27, 2009- City Doc wins Global Award


34. The Tribune- March 26, 2009- Dr Pankaj Garg honoured with International Young Investigator Award

33. Dainik Tribune- March 24, 2009- Dr Pankaj Garg gets International Award

32. Indian Express- March 25, 2009- Dr Garg Honoured

31. Hindustan Times- December 30, 2008- Fortis doctor honoured

30. The Tribune (National Edition)-December 29, 2008- Mohali surgeon's two papers rated best


29. The Tribune (National Edition)-Oct 12,2006- Mohali Doctor develops new technique   


28.  Amar Ujala- Feb 1, 2008-Dr Pankaj increases pride of Tricity

27 . Indian Express- Dec 15,2006- Doctor performs live surgery at international conference

26. Punjab Kesri-Oct 12,2006- Treatment of Fistula now made very easy with a new technique

25. Hindustan Times- Oct 12,2006- Fortis Doc claims rare surgery

24. Amar Ujala- Mar 2,2006- International award to Dr Pankaj

23. Amar Ujala-Dec 16, 2006-Dr Garg of Panchkula does Live surgery in International conference

22. Ajit -Jan 18, 2010 -Operation of Gall bladder stone by a single cut

21. Dainik Bhaskar-Oct 12,2006 -First operation of AFP in South Asia

20.   Amar Ujala- Oct 12,2006- Now Fistula can be treated without operation- Dr Pankaj did first surgery in South Asia

19.      Amar Ujala- Nov 27, 2007- Dr Garg honoured

18. The Times of India- Mar 4,2006- Founder of World piles Day awarded

17.  Punjab Kesri- Dec 16,2006- Pankaj performs live surgery in an International conference

16. Hindustan Times-Dec 18,2005-  Panchkula Doc makes global presentation

15. Dainik Bhaskar- Nov 27, 2007- Dr Pankaj Garg's research paper selected in National conference

14.  The Tribune- Mar 3,2006- Award for Fortis surgeon


13. Dainik Bhaskar- May 7, 2008-  Dr Garg of Panchkula invited to America

12. The Tribune- Dec 15,2006-Watch out- Dr Pankaj Garg to perform live surgery in an international conference


11. Punjab Kesri - Dec 24, 2008- Dr Pankaj's two research papers in International conference

10. Dainik Bhaskar- Feb 1, 2008 - Dr Pankaj gets first prize

9. Hindustan Times-May 7, 2008- Fortis surgeon to present papers abroad

8. Punjab Kesri-Mar 2, 2006- Senior surgeon honoured

7. Dainik Tribune- Feb 1, 2008- Dr Pankaj of Fortis gets first prize

6 .Dainik Bhaskar- Jan 17, 2001 - Dr Garg honoured in Indore for achievements in medical field

5.Dainik Tribune-May 7, 2008- Dr Garg invited to International conference in America

4.Punjab Kesri-May 7, 2008- Dr Pankaj invited to America

3.The Times of India- May 27, 2005- City doctor chosen member of SAGES

2. The Tribune (National Edition)-May 28, 2006- Rare surgery performed at Sohana hospital

1.Sach Kahoon-Dec 18,2006- Dr Pankaj does live surgery in an International conference


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