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32. The Tribune (National Edition)- April 10, 2013- How fibre helps maintain good health


31. Saying Truth- April2, 2013- Jet Setting Toilets can be dangerous

30. The Tribune (National Edition)- December 5, 2012- Piles & fissures: Precautions can keep diseases away


29. Aaj Samaj - 5 November, 2012- Jet Spray in Toilet dangerous !

     The Tribune (National Edition)- July 8, 2009- Water jet in toilet behind rising cases of Anal Fissures

     Hindustan Times- June 9, 2009- Water jet in Toilets may cause Anal     Fissures

28.  The Tribune (National Edition)- Feb 15, 2012-.Anal fissure: Beware of constipation


27. Daily Post (National Edition)- Feb 14, 2012-.All that you wanted to know about Gall Stones

26. Is treatment of Piles or Hemorrhoids possible without operation?


 25. Anal Fistula treatable without Surgery in India


  24. Early Breast cancer detection at mass level; what can be done in developing countries?


  23. Freedom from Piles in just 1 day


 22. Dietary Fiber- A to Z: All you want to know about dietry fiber


21.  The Tribune (National Edition)- July 7, 2010-.Anal fistula — simple solutions for a complex disease


20.  The Tribune (National Edition)- July 7, 2010- How to reduce the risk of having Gallstones


19. The Indian Express- Oct 12,2006- New method of treating anal fistula introduced

18. The Times Of India- Oct 12,2006- New technique to treat anal Fistulas

17. The Tribune (National Edition)- Oct 19, 2005- Laparoscopic removal of uterus- latest trends


16. Amar Ujala- Apr 18, 2007- Anal Fistula treatment made easier by Anal Fistula Plug

15. Hindustan Times- June 9, 2009- Water jets in toilets may cause anal fissures




14. The Tribune (National Edition)- Feb 16,2005- A new painless technique to cure piles


13. The Times of India-Apr 2,2005- Freedom from Piles

12. The Tribune (National Edition)- June 8,2005- Anal Fistula: treatment options


11. The Tribune (National Edition) -July 12,2006- Piles: exploding the myths


10. Amar Ujala-Nov 21,2007- Freedom from Piles without pain is possible

9. The Times of India-Nov 20,2006- Piles can be dangerous

8. Dainik Bhaskar- Mar 4,2005- Piles Surgery-No longer painful

7. The Times of India- Dec 18,2005- Stapler method better treatment for piles

6.  The Tribune (National Edition)- July 8, 2009- Water jet in toilet behind rising cases of anal fissure


 5. The Tribune (National Edition) -  24 Jan, 2007- Anal fistula patients can smile now


4. Punjab Kesri (National Edition) - May 12, 2007- Treatment by Anal Fistula Plug

3. The Tribune (National edition)- Mar 19, 2008- Piles, Fissure, Fistula-No longer incurable


2. Rojana Spokesman- Oct 12, 2006- Now anal fistula can be treated by a new method

1. The Tribune (National Edition)- Jan 21, 2009- Piles: Non-surgical options





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